Media Release: Monday 14th March, 2016

"Another strong finish for Scott, in Chang"

Central Coast rider Glenn Scott, has performed yet again, taking another three World Championship points at Chang International Circuit on Sunday. After riding in plus 30 degree heat all weekend, his Honda CBR600RR felt the pressure and succumbed to a cracked exhaust during the race, leaving Scott to take 13th across the finish line.

"I really love the Chang Circuit, it's a great place to race, and the crowd is unbelievable and gives an awesome atmosphere to perform in front of. The heat can takes its toll but you find ways to manage it, and of course my fitness level plays a great part in that", Scott says.

Scott started the weekend strong, averaging P12 to P13 in all practices and warm-up and being no more than 1 second from the front gave him a world of confidence going into the Superpole. Unfortunately, he could only seal a P18 position for the starting grid of the second race of the World Supersport Championship.

"I still have a little to learn to get the most out of the Superpole session. It's all about tactics and timing your run well in the fast-paced 15 minute session and experience obviously plays a big part in that as well", Scott adds.

After producing a stellar start to the race, going from P18 to P15 in the first lap, Glenn then found himself battling his Honda all the way up to 11th. At this point in the race, a top 10 finish was looking extremely achievable for the Team Lorini Honda Rider until bad luck struck on lap 7 with a cracked exhaust. From this point on, the bike kept losing power, hindering Scott's chance at a top 10 finish. He dropped back to 15th, then fought very hard to come back to 12th, but in the last lap the exhaust broke completely, giving the bike no power causing Glenn to settle for a 13th finish overall.

"I am very proud of my efforts over the whole weekend, especially throughout the race. My physical condition epitomised my race performance, I felt very strong throughout every lap in the high heat. The exhaust was bad luck and that's just racing unfortunately. I am confident a top 10 place for me was achievable, so we know as a team we are moving forward and can be a strong contender in the European races to come". Round 3 of the World Supersport Championship will be held in Aragon, Spain on 1st-3rd April 2016.

Photo Credit: Vaclav Duska

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