Media Release: Tuesday 6th September, 2016

Scott – "I'm absolutely heartbroken"

Over the last 5 months, Australia's Glenn Scott has been suffering from a compound fracture to his left leg after another rider collided with him during practice at Round 3 of the World Supersport Championship in Aragon, Spain. After residing in Spain for the most part of the recovery, Glenn decided to return home for the summer break to continue his rehabilitation and recovery process whilst having his eyes set on making a comeback at round 9 of the championship in Germany in September.

Unfortunately, due to complications and what his Australian surgeon has called a 'non-Union' (an infection has occurred early after surgery and has prevented healing for a period of time), Glenn has had to make the toughest decision of his career, to not return for the end of the 2016 season.

"I have my head in my hands, it's absolutely heartbreaking and I'm extremely sad to be forced to sit out the rest of this season due to injury. It has definitely been a life changing experience, I have good and bad days but my main focus right now is to walk properly again and eliminate the pain I feel every day and get back to 100% fitness for the 2017 season".

Scott has been doing everything physically possible to keep his dream alive. He has been working alongside a well-renowned Australian orthopaedic surgeon as well as completing physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions weekly to speed up the recovery process. The use of an ultrasound and bone growth stimulator machine nightly has helped the healing process immensely but it just hasn't been enough for the Mangrove Mountain rider.

"I have been looking at every possible avenue to speed this recovery process up, even the hyperbaric oxygen chambers, but nothing is working fast enough. We definitely didn't think that this would be the outcome, but the brake was just a lot bigger than what we thought".

With only a few weeks before the season picks up again at Lausitzring, Germany, Glenn had to do a full assessment of his leg and his current state of fitness and with both factors not at 100%, he had to make a very hard decision not to race again this year.

"It has been a very emotional recovery process for me. I have put 110% effort every day to get back on my Honda CBR600 but unfortunately I just have to accept that my body just isn't ready and that it needs more time".
"I want to thank everyone for their amazing support this year it has been overwhelming and it has kept me going through this tough time.".

Scott will now put all his time and energy into making something happen for 2017, as he still has so much more talent, dedication and passion to show to the world. We definitely have not seen the last of Glenn Scott that's for sure.

"I am disappointed that I could not show my team and sponsors what I really could do with my bike this season, as it started off so promising, but I won't give up on making a full recovery and come back fitter, stronger and faster than ever next season, wherever that may be".


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