Media Release: Wednesday 27th April, 2016

"Scott’s eyes firmly set on Malaysia"

Australia’s Glenn Scott has surprised everyone with his fast recovery process. The 24 year old suffered a compound fracture to his left tibia and multiple fractures in his left fibula after a crash at round 3 of the World Supersport Championship at Motorland Aragon, Spain. Scott is expected to make a full recovery, but it was likely that the recovery process would take 2 months or more for him to regain 100% mobility.

It is now week 3 of recovery and rehabilitation and he is making gigantic leaps. Glenn is now static cycling and able to walk with only one crutch. The cycling helps with the mobility of the knee, ankle and muscles and this then manages the swelling in his leg.

Scott is also attending physiotherapy every day in his local town of Sant Cugat to aid in the recovery process.

“The physiotherapy has helped me immensely, without this I think I would have incurred a few set-backs. At my 2 week check-up with my surgeon, he said I have made great progress and the bones are healing well and that it will be likely that I can race in Malaysia. This was music to my ears. It was extremely positive news and really gave me the encouragement I was looking for”.

Glenn is making an effort every day to work on his leg, performing exercise routines specifically for the leg and exercises that will aid in his total body fitness, to keep the rest of the body strong and physically ready for Malaysia.

“My goal of riding in Malaysia is looking very realistic at this point, so I’m trying very hard to exercise everyday so that my body, as well as my mind will be as strong as ever. I’m very surprised as to how far I have come in only 3 weeks, so I’m very grateful to my surgeon and all the doctors here in Spain for allowing me to recover in the quickest way possible”.

Scott will be attending the next round of the World Championship in Imola, Italy on the weekend (29th April – 1st May) to help cheer his team on in their Italian home round.

“This was a round that I didn’t want to miss, Imola is a pretty special place and I am upset that I am not riding but I will be there to support the team and my fellow team mate. Thank you to Team Lorini, for their continuing support, Stephen Mion from FitMoto and James Telford from HPC for their guidance and a very big thankyou to my amazing girlfriend Tamara, for helping me keep my spirits high and looking after me these last few weeks. I definitely could not have done it without her”.


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